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Entrepreneurship Programme
Student/startups Application Form

The deadline has expired
Application form is closed

Welcome to the application form for the Entrepreneurship and Business Development Activities (EBDA) funded by Nationale Postcode Loterij (PCL) and implemented by SPARK and local partners.
Before you start, we kindly ask you to complete the following questions in order for your application to be successful.
Selection Process*
Candidates must have:
  • The right to work in their country of residence
  • A clear business idea
* The selection is carried out by SPARK and its partners. The partners reserve the right to select candidates using the criteria
outlined above as well as any additional criteria which they may decide upon.

Personal Details

Contact Information

Academic Status

1 - Do you have any experience or knowledge on entrepreneurship?

2 - What are the skills that you have which makes you eligible to become an entrepreneur? (i.e. Computer & Techno skills, language)

3 - Which market you would like to work on during your entrepreneurship program?
Building and Construction
Culture and Media
ICT and Telecommunications
Training and Education
Clothing, fashion and textiles
Trade, Transport & Logistics
Water, Sanitation, Waste Management
Food products
Jewellery and accessories
4 - Are you ready to participate in entrepreneurship activities to be qualified to expand/develope your project and business?

6 - Please list the languages you speak and to what level you can speak, read and write each language Level ( 1 - Very Good to 5 - Basic )
  Language name Writing Reading Speaking Listening





7 - Have you started your business idea?
  • The trainings offered by Entrepreneurship Programme are free of charge.
  • We are extremely careful to choose an option that would insure the best protection of the personal information of everyone involved with us.
Please Note that all applications will undergo a selection process and due to the strong competition, and large number of applications, only selected candidates
will be communicated with further.
If you are not communicated with after the submitting the application, it means that you unfortunately have not been selected for the program.